• There is a coffee powder in the interior/under the brew group. +

    Ground coffee in the interior or under the brew group can have various causes. Most causes do not directly a technical default.

    Powder during first time use
    • Some coffee powder was left behind after testing
    • We test all machines before leaving the factory. Although your machine has been carefully cleaned, there might be some coffee residual left. We guarantee however that the appliance is absolutely new.
    Powder when brewing a pre-ground coffee
    • Only use one stroked coffee spoon of pre-ground coffee with the provided coffee spoon.(Max.10g)
    • Restart the machine by switching it off and back on
    • Select pre-ground coffee with the front panel button
    • Add one stroked coffee spoon of pre-ground coffee
    • Press the espresso button
    Powder after some day's of usage
    • This is normal behavior due to fines of the coffee powder
    Because of the fineness of the ground coffee powder, some coffee powder residues in the interior and under the brew group are normal
    • Weekly clean the brew group and the inside of your machine with a damp cloth
    There is an increase of coffee powder that ends up in the interior/under the brew group
    • The piston of the brew group is not well greased
  • My coffee machine displays 'Empty Ground Group' but it is already empty. +

    Is your Rosato coffee machine displaying 'empty coffee ground container'? But the coffee ground container is empty? You can easily fix this yourself.

    The coffee ground container is placed back too fast
    • Wait approximately 5 seconds before placing back the coffee grounds container. This will reset the coffee grounds counter to zero.
    The machine was turned off
    • Only empty the coffee grounds container when the Rosto coffee machine is turned on. This will enable the coffee grounds counter to reset.
  • My coffee machine prompts 'Empty Coffee Grounds Container' even though it is not full. +

    Sometimes, your Rosato Espresso machine might show a message requesting to empty the dump box without it being completely full. Find out what to do.

    Empty when prompted
    • After a certain amount of brewed coffees, your Rosato espresso machine will prompt to empty the coffee ground container.
    • If you empty the dump box before the machine requires you to, the system will not reset and therefore ask you to empty the coffee ground container without it being completely filled.
    • Try to empty the dump box only when prompted to prevent these mix-ups from happening
  • The Coffee temperature of my coffee machine is lukewarm. +

    Some factors may influence the coffee temperature after brewing. Use these tips to improve the coffee temperature of your Rosato Espresso Machine.

    Low temperature settings
    • Rosato espresso machines have a menu/settings button to adjust the coffee temperature. If so, enter the menu, select temperature, and adjust the temperature settings to 90. Read the user manual for detailed instructions.
    Using milk foam
    • Adding milk foam to your coffee will always lower the temperature.
    Coffee cups with low temperature
    • Pre-warm the cups on the cup warmer shelf of your machine
    • Preheat your cup or glass by rinsing it with hot water. This way the coffee stays warm a bit longer.
    Thick-walled cups absorb more heat
    • Thick-walled cups (like mugs) absorb more heat. Thin-walled cups will absorb less heat from the coffee and will have a great impact on coffee temperature.
    • The internal circuits might be clogged up with limescale, which could decrease the temperature of your coffee. Descale the espresso machine frequently to prevent this from happening. We recommend using the proper decalcifier.
    Did this not solve the issue? Please contact us for further help.
  • My coffee machine wastes coffee powder without brewing a cup. +

    If your Rosato espresso machine throws away dry coffee powder without dispensing coffee, you can often mend it yourself. Find out how to resolve it.

    When brewing a pre-ground coffee
    • Only use one stroked coffee spoon of pre-ground coffee with the provided coffee spoon.(Max 10g)
    Not enough coffee beans
    • After ginding coffee beans, there might not be enough coffee powder to brew a coffee. When the espresso machine measures a low amount of coffee in the brew group, it will throw away the coffee powder and prompt a message stating the coffee bean container is empty. Fill your coffee bean container and try again.
  • Coffee or water is not coming out of my coffee machine. +

    If no coffee or hot water is not coming out of your Rosato espresso machine, there might a solution to fix this. Follow this troubleshoot to try and solve this yourself.

    The grind setting is set to a fine grind
    • Adjust the grind setting to a courser grind. You can adjust the grind settings by turning the adjustment knob inside the bean container.
    • NOTE: Only adjust the grind settings when the machine is grinding coffee beans
    • Place a cup under the coffee spout
    • Press the espresso button
    • When the grinder starts grinding, push down the grinder adjustment knob and turn left or right to adjust the settings
    The brew group is dirty or not well greased
    • Make sure to clean and grease the brew group of your Rosato espresso machine on a regular basis.
    • Turn off the machine and wait 15-20 seconds
    • Remove the brew group and rinse it under the tap. Especially the filter
    • Make sure that the brew group is greased
    • Place back the brew group, coffee grounds container, drip tray and close the service door.
    • Turn on the machine and try again.
    Trapped air is blocking the water supply
    • If the water tank is not correctly placed, it might happen that air is trapped and blocking the water supply. Make sure that the water tank is placed correctly
    • Try to dispense a coffee.
    Did none of these steps solve the issue? Your espresso machine may be at fault. Please contact us for further assistance
  • Cleaning my automatic milk system. +

    • After each milk preparation, it is essential to always carry out the cleaning of the milk circuit, simply by turning the dial to the 'Clean' setting or, depending on the model of your machine, pressing and holding the 'Clean' button for a few seconds. Doing so will remove any debris that may block the milk ducts.
    • Keep the milk container lid clean by washing it in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher at least once a week.
    • Ensure that the connector on the machine is also free from debris, paying particular attention to the o-rings on the connector.
    • For best results, clean your machine monthly with milk cleaning solution.
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